Getting Members To Pay Monthly Dues

Getting members to pay monthly dues in a grassroots political pressure group can be vital for financial sustainability and the ability to carry out your advocacy efforts effectively. Here are some strategies to help you recruit members willing to contribute monthly dues: Clearly Articulate the Value Proposition:  Clearly explain to potential members what they will […]

On Technology And Organizing

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Leveraging technology is crucial for the success and efficiency of grassroots political pressure groups in the modern era. Here are ways you can make the most of technology to advance your cause: Online Presence: Establish a professional and informative website for your group. Ensure it includes information about your mission, activities, and how people can […]

Influencing Politicians

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Influencing politicians as part of a grassroots political pressure group requires a strategic approach. Here are steps and tactics you can use to effectively pressure politicians: Identify Your Target Politicians: Determine which politicians have the power to influence the policies or decisions related to your cause. This could be local, state, or federal representatives, depending […]

Forming Grassroots Political Pressure Groups

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Forming grassroots political pressure groups, also known as grassroots advocacy or grassroots organizations, can be an effective way for individuals and communities to influence public policy and promote social or political change. Here are steps to consider when forming such a group: Define Your Purpose: Clearly articulate your group’s mission and goals. What specific issue […]

May Update – MVP and Progress

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The Team at Public Assembly has been working hard over the last few months to build up the company and establish strong connections with our users. The primary way we have been doing this has been to help our first users launch a full-fledged assembly called the Association of Concerned Engineers (ACE). ACE is a […]

Public Assembly CEO On The Entrepreneur’s Enigma Podcast

Peter Wight, our fearless CEO, was a guest on the Entrepreneur’s Enigma podcast. Entrepreneur’s Enigma is a long running podcast with a 100+ episodes talking to all types of entrepreneurs at various stages in their entrepreneurial journey. It’s hosted by our very own marketing lead, Seth Goldstein. Check out the episode here: Peter Wight Helping […]