Beyond the Coincidence of Wants: Uniting for Impactful Civic Engagement

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In the previous part of this series, we delved into the concept of the “coincidence of wants” in politics and civic engagement—a phenomenon where disconnected individuals express their individual preferences without coordination or collaboration. This fragmented approach often results in a scattered and ineffective response, leaving the collective power of the people largely untapped. But […]

The Coincidence of Wants in Politics: Fragmented Voices and Lost Leverage

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In the realm of politics and civic engagement, there exists a phenomenon known as the “coincidence of wants” that has far-reaching implications for the effectiveness of collective action and the power of the people. This concept describes a situation where disconnected individuals, despite sharing common concerns and interests, often engage with the political system as […]

The Crucial Role of Political Solidarity in Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding

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Conflict has plagued societies throughout history, causing immense suffering and hindering progress. Preventing conflict and fostering lasting peace are among the most significant challenges humanity faces. Political solidarity, the unity and cooperation among political actors and factions, plays a critical role in the prevention of conflicts and the successful peacebuilding process.  In this essay, we […]

Getting Members To Pay Monthly Dues

Getting members to pay monthly dues in a grassroots political pressure group can be vital for financial sustainability and the ability to carry out your advocacy efforts effectively. Here are some strategies to help you recruit members willing to contribute monthly dues: Clearly Articulate the Value Proposition:  Clearly explain to potential members what they will […]

On Technology And Organizing

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Leveraging technology is crucial for the success and efficiency of grassroots political pressure groups in the modern era. Here are ways you can make the most of technology to advance your cause: Online Presence: Establish a professional and informative website for your group. Ensure it includes information about your mission, activities, and how people can […]

Influencing Politicians

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Influencing politicians as part of a grassroots political pressure group requires a strategic approach. Here are steps and tactics you can use to effectively pressure politicians: Identify Your Target Politicians: Determine which politicians have the power to influence the policies or decisions related to your cause. This could be local, state, or federal representatives, depending […]

Forming Grassroots Political Pressure Groups

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Forming grassroots political pressure groups, also known as grassroots advocacy or grassroots organizations, can be an effective way for individuals and communities to influence public policy and promote social or political change. Here are steps to consider when forming such a group: Define Your Purpose: Clearly articulate your group’s mission and goals. What specific issue […]

On Logic Modeling

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Logic modeling is essential to political solidarity because it provides a structured framework for political actors and groups to articulate their goals, strategies, and expected outcomes in a clear and transparent manner. Here’s why logic modeling is crucial to fostering political solidarity: 1. Clarity of Objectives: Logic modeling requires political actors to clearly define their […]

Moore’s Law and Organizing

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Moore’s Law was first posed by Gordon Moore, a co-founder of Intel and Fairchild Semiconductor. Moore’s Law is an observation that describes the exponential growth of computer processing power over time. It states that the number of transistors on a microchip doubles approximately every two years, leading to advancements in computing capabilities. This has since […]

My Time In The Founder Institute Keystone Cohort 2022-23

Graduating FI is a major milestone for Our Public Assembly and me. I started this company in 2021 in response to the January 6 insurrection. I was so frustrated with how the entire political system was leaving all peoples in the United States so unsatisfied – that there needed to be a way for people […]