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May Update – MVP and Progress

The Team at Public Assembly has been working hard over the last few months to build up the company and establish strong connections with our users. The primary way we have been doing this has been to help our first users launch a full-fledged assembly called the Association of Concerned Engineers (ACE).

ACE is a membership-based advocacy group whose mission is to organize engineers and those with a STEM background to advocate for better science based policies to address social, environmental and economic problems.

The main ethos of the group is that engineers are (literally) tired of building a better mousetrap for corporate interest. They want to be a part of the agenda-setting process as well as problem solving issues in today’s society.

The vision is that members will join, help write the policy agenda, recruitment their peers to join, launch campaigns at the state and local level, and educate and coral the public to join in advocating fair and effective policies to help make communities more equitable and sustainable.

The early founders are drawn to the Assembly model because it gives members a tangible opportunity to consolidate and expand real political clout that can be used in a number of beneficial ways.

Public Assembly is helping ACE develop their membership rights, build an organizational structure and strategy, establish a relationship with their potential members, market test their brand and plan a recruitment drive for the end of the summer.

We will be launching an beta of Public Assembly with ACE in Fall of this year, contingent on funds raised and other factors.

In addition to working with ACE – Public Assembly has begun testing its pitch with investors in the Mid-Atlantic Area.

Pete, our founder, was in NYC last week to intro the pitch to Angel Investors in a fund there.

They were highly receptive and Public Assembly will be using this feedback to formally open an investment round in the coming weeks!

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